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About us

We are an entrepreneurial business backing entrepreneurial businesses. As investors we want to be more than just the commodity that is money. We support growth companies over the longer term. This means tenaciously supporting companies through the inevitable ups and downs. We always take a Board seat and will roll up our sleeves and exchange ideas with management to add real value to the businesses we back.

Our approach is based on professionalism, responsiveness and just plain old hard work.

We operate as an independent team with short lines of communication. As a result, our decision making is always quick and clearly communicated.

We are plain speaking and tell it how it is, address issues head-on, never give up easily and avoid wasting anyone’s time.

The indefinable quality of “chemistry” is very important in all our relationships. Put simply, we believe that people who respect and get on with each other are more likely to have a successful long-term business relationship. So we always look for good chemistry with the management teams we back.

“In our collective experience of Primary, we have sold to and for them; as well as acting for a number of management teams who have met with them. We have found them responsive, thorough, professional and always acting with the utmost integrity. In short Primary are a go to house in their market place.”

Ian Jamieson, CEO, Jamieson Corporate Finance


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