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Investment criteria

Successful partnerships only happen when we share the same goals. Therefore we aim to identify businesses where our interests are aligned with management and we can work towards a common goal. The investment criteria we apply are not inflexible but generally we look for the following:

Our focus:    

Companies that can be developed into strategically-important sector leaders and/or export-led businesses with differentiated products or services, strong IPR and sustainable competitive advantage.

Value creation:    

We have considerable experience of addressing complex situations, helping to professionalize and develop immature businesses and creating long term shareholder value by growing businesses both organically and by acquisition.

Enterprise value:    

Between £20 million and £100 million.


UK-based. However, we have a good track record in assisting investee companies expand into or make acquisitions in other geographic locations, including Europe, North America and the Far East.

Equity investment size:    

Between £10 million and £44 million.

Ownership period:    

Typically between 3 and 7 years.

“The name of Primary is synonymous with trust and integrity. From an adviser’s perspective the key benefits of this are deliverability of the deal as agreed upfront and a high level of confidence that your client will develop a strong long term relationship with Primary as an equity partner.”

Steve Currie, Partner, Catalyst Corporate Finance

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