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Our values

Since we started our business in 1995 we have remained faithful to our values. We believe that these values define our business and that they continue to underpin our relationships with our key stakeholders – the managers we support and the investors whose capital we manage.
  • We value integrity, honesty, transparency and ethical conduct. Our reputation is of critical importance.

  • We constantly strive to learn from our experiences. Private equity involves high levels of risk and we are not afraid to be self-critical and make sure we learn from our mistakes.

  • We believe in anticipating change rather than reacting to it. We are happy to move with the times or even be non-conformist or contrarian if it is in the interests of our stakeholders.

  • We succeed through team effort, commitment and hard work. We operate a flat, inclusive business structure and only make investment decisions on a unanimous basis.

  • We channel all our efforts towards creating value for our managers and our investors.

“Primary is very much a core private equity house for HSBC and we have a successful track record of working with them which goes back over many years. Their team is well layered and very experienced. They treat the Bank as proper partners and a key part of our relationship with them is built on their openness with us and their thorough approach to investing.”

Ian Sale, Senior Director, HSBC Bank

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