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Sector preferences


In particular:
•    Branded consumer products and services
•    Specialist retail, mail order and online
•    Health and education services

Consumer investments


In particular:
•    Restaurants and bars
•    Travel and tourism
•    Leisure destinations

Leisure investments


Business and support services

In particular:
•    Facilities management and operational support
•    Outsourced services and processes
•    Professional, technical and advisory services

•    Financial services and insurance

Business and support services investments

IT, media and communications

In particular:
•    Application software and SaaS
•    IT managed services and solutions
•    Business continuity and protection
•    Data, information, media and marketing services

IT, media and communications investments

Industrial products and services

In particular:
•    Energy and power
•    Water, waste and environmental
•    Specialist engineered products and services
•    Specialist electronics

Industrial products and services investments

“The past two years have been by far the most stable and consistent ownership relationship we have had during my tenure. Primary and management's strategic vision for the company has never waivered despite a difficult economy, continuing competitive pressures and all the surprises that real operating companies encounter routinely.”

George Mrkonic, Chairman, Paperchase



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