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Esteem helps to improve efficiencies

June, 2009 is better able to provide flexibility for its staff to access corporate systems thanks to a thin client solution from Esteem Systems. Customer service advisors now have improved access to booking system, regardless of their location or computer specification, which is proving a real boost to efficiencies. With hundreds of remote and offshore workers, Esteem designed and implemented a solution based on Citrix technology to provide call handlers with fast and secure access to corporate applications simply via an internet connection. The solution is designed to accommodate the needs of existing workers and also cope with rapid increases in call handlers as required.


The Esteem thin client solution enables to improve its disaster recovery effectiveness as everything now runs out of a centralised datacentre and is not stored locally by users. The solution also incorporates Appsense user environment management technology to enable to monitor performance, control logins and supervise the users’ experience while they are within their desktop environment.


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