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Napier Turbochargers are Powering the OAR Project

March, 2012


Napier Turbochargers Ltd have announced their sponsorship of the OAR Project – a world first attempt for two ocean rowers, Andrew Morris and Roz Savage, to cross the North Atlantic then continue to London via the UK’s inland waterways, arriving in time for the start of the 2012 Olympic Games.

Napier Turbochargers are no strangers to the harsh conditions of the ocean, as they produce high quality, robust products capable of reliable operation in the marine, power generation and rail industries. Plus Napier’s tradition of world-class engineering has allowed them to achieve an unrivalled pedigree in the area of land, sea and air speed records.

While the ocean rowing boat is much smaller and slower than the vessels which normally use Napier's products, the challenge of taking on the treacherous North Atlantic is no different.

Gary Rodgers, Commercial Director of Napier Turbochargers, said “We are proud to be associated with such a unique adventure and feel it underpins our company values on many levels. The detail of planning and preparation for any ocean crossing is crucial, and the execution requires physical strength and mental endurance beyond the limits of most individuals. Andrew and Roz are a great example of what can be achieved if you really want to do something and are prepared to put the work into it. They’re also excellent role models for future generations and in addition to rowing across the North Atlantic, the educational element to this challenge, combined with the legacy fleet of rowing boats they hope to buy for young people really made this project stand out for us. We wish them all the best.”  

There is more information on Project Oar on their website.


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