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New Market Segment for Guralp Systems

March, 2012


With the recent delivery of a unique borehole tool to a customer in Turkey, Guralp Systems is entering a new market segment.  The tool is a 24-element seismic array for downhole investigations. It can be used for Vertical Seismic Profiling (VSP), ambient noise studies and much more.

For many decades the VSP technology has been used in several forms, mainly in the context hydrocarbon exploration. Usually, for such measurements, a string of passive single component geophones is lowered into a wellbore. Guralp have now developed a very different kind of vertical seismic profiler: it is a versatile tool, which can be equipped with many different kinds of seismic sensors. Their characteristics can range from broad band to very high frequencies.

This new borehole tool has several major advantages over the classic VSP technology:

  • The newly developed miniature broadband sensors have a flat frequency response to acceleration between 5 sec and up to 2000 Hz.

  • The downhole digitization allows for a much higher dynamic range and a fundamental reduction in signal distorting noise.

  • It also allows for operation in a highly sensitive trigger mode.

  • The tool can be used in hot environments, as the sensors can operate with nominal performance specs in temperatures of up to 125 degrees Celsius.

  • The length of the tool and the spacing between its elements can be easily varied just by changing the length of the cables between each element.

  • The system is versatile, as it can be used in wellbores on land or offshore. It can guarantee nominal performance in water pressure of up to 2,000m.


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