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Esteem Helps Accelerate Research Capability Across Northern England with Super Computer

July, 2014


Eight research intensive universities in the North of England, known as the N8 Research Partnership now have access to one of the largest shared memory computing platforms to co-ordinate, scale and accelerate their research. The SGI UV2, which has 4TB of memory within a single system, will open up new avenues of research, and address a class of problems on a magnitude greater than any of the existing infrastructure could manage.

Specialist HPC solutions provider Esteem designed, installed and commissioned the computer within the N8 HPC’s tight timescales. Esteem CEO, Joe Connolly, said: “We have a trusted partnership with N8 HPC, having designed and built their previous HPC infrastructure. The extra capabilities of the SGI UV2 will transform what was isolated research projects into co-ordinated powerful research teams across Northern England.”

The funds to purchase the SGI UV2 were awarded to The University of Manchester by the Medical Research Council (MRC) as part of an investment in The Farr Institute for Health Informatics Research of which the Health eResearch Centre (HeRC) is a founding partner. Housed alongside the regional N8 HPC supercomputer at University of Leeds University, the system is available to all of the N8 universities to link to and use for a wide spectrum of applications.



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