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Paperchase unveils new flagship store

February, 2014


Paperchase has opened a stunning new 1,800 sq ft flagship store in London’s Piccadilly. While this new flagship measures a relatively modest 1,800 sq ft, compared to the 22,000 sq ft Tottenham Court Road store, several things make it stand out, including a stunning paper chandelier.


The chandelier is made of 1,500 sheets of coloured paper on a metal grid, with  fluorescent lighting behind. The pieces of paper are arranged in colour blocks and can be changed to make different shapes or to change the mix of colours. Timonthy Melgund, CEO of Paperchase, commented that “creating the chandelier has been a labour of love that took around two hours just to get the first bit done”.


The store features a “notebook wall” on one side, with the opposite wall being filled with greetings cards. At the back of the shop there is an area full of leather satchels and bags, the majority of which are on glass shelves running across the back wall. The wall itself has been wallpapered with a design that is unique to this store and features a crown, in deference to the store’s  location so close to Buckingham Palace. This is the first time the retailer has created a white interior – until now colour has always been used.  

Timothy Melgund notes that this is just the beginning of a major store opening project for 2014: “We did 22 last year, 16 in the UK, and we’ll do 12 to 15 this year, the length and breadth of the country.”


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